• Center introduction

To enhance the school about the continents social and enterprise development of teaching and research, the effective integration of the school the School of management and Social Sciences, College of the mainland research team, to strengthen the school and the mainland of Taiwan, the services, and mainland academic units of the contact, the Ad Hoc standing campus-wide system of" Center for Chinese Social and Management Studiese,Tunghai University "

The center consolidation on-campus research team, the establishment of the three major work Department: teaching, research and development. The Department responsibilities are as follows: 

Teaching group: Conducting the planning and teaching of the campus research program in the campus, and holding the EMBA program for Taiwanese businessmen. Engage outstanding academic experts inside and outside the school for teaching.

Research Group: planning the University China research team key research direction; Award for support and integration of the research team of the performance, to enhance the school research team of international status. Responsible for the Chinese social and business development information collection and finishing; support the school in China to learn the routine of teaching materials, and to demonstrate research results.

Development group: responsible for the school and the China Research Unit of exchange, domestic and Chinese government agencies of coordination, Taiwanese companies and organizations to contact as well as EMBA students of sustainable services.