Future prospects

The long-term development direction of the center is to make the school a major town for researching Chinese enterprises and society, and to enhance the international status of academic research. In order to achieve internationalization of research standards, the Center will establish a knowledge platform for financial and succession inheritance, provide mainland research information, and strengthen exchanges between the university and international research units. Through the academic seminars, the papers and research results of the financial, technical and social academic seminars were published, and the issues of succession of cross-strait enterprises were discussed in depth.

The center's development direction is to establish academic services for Taiwanese businessmen in the mainland, and to hold EMBA courses. The teaching is held in mainland China and the university. The students are limited to Taiwanese businessmen who have graduated from universities.

The short-term research direction of the center focuses on the record of corporate interviews, and builds an oral history database, as well as books and equipment for expanding financial and succession research, and strengthens the students' understanding of cross-strait economic and trade relations.

Therefore, the Center's 106 academic year is expected to focus on "promoting international seminars, research on cross-strait financial and corporate heritage issues" and "expanding research information equipment and building historical databases." Through the regular holding of the annual cross-strait exchange seminar, experts and scholars from all over the world will be invited to participate in the conference to express and strengthen the cooperative relationship between the cross-strait social and economic academic development. Combined with information integration analysis and the use of big data, we will establish an international enterprise history database to enhance the core value of the center. In the future, the Center is looking forward to cultivating more talents with professionalism and care for this issue for cross-strait economic and trade research. Through oral history, we will work hard to promote the local and social issues for the succession of cross-strait companies.